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About Yatra Centre, Phuket.

Transforming trauma into triumph - experience the power of targeted healing.

We provide you with the utmost comfort with every detail designed to promote focus, relaxation, and recovery.

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What we believe in.

Yatra Centre is dedicated to changing lives touched by trauma. Our core values of empathy and resilience shape our unique, healing-centered care. We invite you into a safe community that nurtures recovery, ensuring you never feel alone.

Core values.

Our guiding principles

‘Yatra’ is originally a Sanskrit word, but is also used in Thai language. It means ‘journey’ and is commonly associated with a spiritual journey of healing and emotional significance. We chose it to denote our links with the pragmatic and spiritual Thai culture and also to make reference to our intention of supporting clients on the first step of their journey to emotional security.

Yoga session


Understanding and sharing your emotional journey to foster authentic healing.

Yoga session


Encouraging strength and courage, enabling you to rebound from adversity.

Yoga session

Hope & strength.

Illuminating the path forward, nurturing belief in a brighter future with the power of hope.

Our team.

Meet the people behind Yatra.

Meet our dedicated team - professionals committed to guiding your recovery journey. Each brings unique expertise, offering steadfast support as you transition from trauma to triumph. Welcome to your Yatra family.

Mike Miller

Mike Miller

Founder & Clinical Director

Mike Miller is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional with the International Association of Trauma Professionals, a Certified Addiction Therapist and EMDR Therapist with multiple advanced trainings.

Mike has over 20 years’ experience in providing mental and behavioural health treatment to clients internationally.

 As a leading trauma treatment expert, Mike developed the Yatra programme in 2022 to specifically focus on trauma recovery to accelerate the healing process and provide clients lasting relief and transformation.


Chutikan 'Chu' Miller

Founder & Operations Manager

Chu is the team leader and manages day to day operations at Yatra. She knows that having healthy and happy staff relationships is crucial to the environment at Yatra Centre being safe for everyone, staff and clients so she dedicates a lot of time nurturing these relationships. This helps the people in our care relax and feel safe so that they can participate fully in the Yatra treatment program.

Staff member

Richard T Watson

Clinical Therapist

Richard T. Watson is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and National Certified Counselor (NCC) from the United States. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from DePaul University and his Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Concordia University Chicago. With over a decade of experience in behavioral health, his integrative treatment approach utilizes EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Mindfulness. 

Richard believes that in the therapeutic relationship, the therapist is the professional but the client is the expert. It is through empowerment, understanding, and collaboration that people can best reach their goals. His areas of expertise include treating trauma, depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders. Taking a trauma-informed and multiculturally competent approach, he recognizes and respects the differences in life experiences that we all have. 
Richard has lived in SE Asia for about four years and has provided therapy services in both residential and outpatient settings. A strong believer of self-care, he enjoys walking in nature, practising meditation, and travelling. 
Staff member

Shane Goodhew

Admissions Manager

Shane Goodhew is a Counsellor registered with the Australian Counselling Association, the largest peak body for counselling and psychotherapy in Australia.

As a practising professional, he has over 7 years of international experience in the field of mental health and has worked with clients in some of Asia’s largest addiction and trauma based rehabilitation centres.

Shane is passionate about recovery, the freedom that comes from it and witnessing clients living integrated and happier lives as a result.

Staff member

Conrad Juraschka

Client Care Team

Conrad comes to Yatra with almost 3 decades of his own personal recovery and is passionate about Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy and healing childhood trauma. He studies with The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC) and has worked in mental and behavioral health treatment for the past 10 years in both Canada and Thailand. He supports clients internationally through online continuing care groups and 1-1 sessions. Conrad is energized by natural systems and participatory leadership models and when he’s not working can often be found getting charged up in the local waves.

Staff member

Stacey Jennings

Client Care Team

Stacey has lived most of her life on Vancouver Island Canada.  She has also lived in the United States and for the past 6 years in Costa Rica.  Stacey has decades of experience in the mental health and social services in case management roles.  During her time in California she continued working in the social services field for both the state and non profit agencies.  She also became certified in Yin Yoga instruction, led mindfulness groups as well as teaching a HIIT class in multiple studios and privately.   She then moved to Costa Rica and worked in various roles such as yoga instructor, photographer and in social media for the past 6 years.   She has extensive experience in social services and mental health in case management and administrative roles.  Stacey understands the effect that trauma can have on individuals and is very passionate about mindfulness, yoga and meditation.


Carrie Clark

Somatic Practitioner

Carrie has been involved in the physical and healing arts for nearly 20 years. She has a background in Chinese Martial Arts, Yoga, meditation and sound healing. Throughout the years, these practices have drastically helped her on her own journey of healing and self discovery. She is passionate about using this experience to help others to do the same. Using breath and movement, she helps clients to create awareness in the body as well as the mind… ultimately creating a sacred connection between all three – breath, body and mind, which is crucial in the healing of trauma.

Staff member

Guy Wilkes

Client Care Team

Guy joins the Yatra team with almost 10 years of operational and systems experience under his belt. Originally from England, Guy has worked primarily in the Wellbeing and Fitness industry across Asia. Assisting businesses in improving operational functions, client relations and service delivery. With his personal recovery experience allowing him to support others seeking extended sobriety, he has developed a passion for mindfulness, breathwork and meditation practices.

Staff member

Wijittra 'Teddy' Boonlerd

Client Care Team

Teddy works in client care and is also the Director’s assistant. Teddy’s positive energy is infectious and effects  the whole Yatra environment. She is always happy to help our clients and make sure they have a great stay.

Staff member

Laksika 'Fern' Prabpal

Client Care Team

Fern joined Yatra as a chef’s assistant. She quickly became a client favourite due to her warm and loving personality and transitioned into a client care role.  Fern is passionate about running and races competitively regularly.

Staff member

Rasama 'Ba' Usoh


Bah used to help her mom to cook Thai food for their own restaurant in Paththalung. She came to Phuket on her own journey of personal growth. She is adaptable as a cook. She learns how to cook different kinds of foods quickly so that she can always serve each client the food that they like. For her, food is not just the flavour but it’s also the love and our clients can taste the care and attention.

Staff member

Aung Moe Hein 'Aung'


Aung came to Thailand to pursue his dream of a better life.   He is focused on personal development and he is currently studying English. He always has a smile and a kind word anytime you see him.   It is important to him that Yatra Centre and its grounds are well maintained and in excellent condition.

Staff member

Sasipa 'Kie' Pokpong


Kie is a sweetheart who takes care of everyone, not just clients but also every staff member like she is a mother of the house. She ensures our clients have the best and most relaxing experience during their massage.

Staff member

Than Than Aye 'Aye'


Aey has been working in Thailand for 20 years. She is very committed to making sure our clients know that they are being taken care of. It is important to her that she provides a safe, clean environment so that our clients can focus on healing.

Our home - your haven in Phuket, Thailand.

A location that fosters peace & tranquility.

Nestled in the tranquil heart of Phuket, the Yatra Centre offers a serene sanctuary for healing. Here, you are enveloped in the soothing lull of lush tropics and embraced by the calming rhythm of azure waves. It's a place where peace finds you, providing a restorative backdrop as you journey from trauma to triumph. Our location, bathed in natural beauty, is your idyllic retreat, designed to foster relaxation and encourage healing.



Immerse yourself in Phuket's tranquil landscapes, a haven of calm to unwind.



Embrace the soothing rhythm of azure waves, fostering a serene mind and soul.



Surrounded by natural beauty, our location inspires rejuvenation, aiding your healing journey.

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I've had the privilege to experience the extraordinary services provided by the Yatra Center. It is, without a doubt, an extremely beautiful center. Not only does it have an aesthetically pleasing ambiance, but it is also filled with safe and well-maintained facilities.

Vesa Ruuskanen

Mike's EMDR treatment has saved and changed my clients' lives forever. His treatment approach has reconnected families back together and helped my clients stay clean for over 7 years. I highly recommend this trauma treatment program.

Andy Bhatti

This place is amazing and what they do to help change your life is phenomenal! The staff is amazing the program is amazing! I highly recommend this facility if you or a family member or friend needs help!

Zach Tannas

The Complete Guide to EMDR

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