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Mindful body work therapy: Restoring harmony and wellness at Yatra

Healing from within: embracing somatic therapies for holistic well-being.

At Yatra, we offer a unique and transformative approach to body work, focusing on a "bottom-up" process that embraces mindfulness and somatic therapies. Our mindful body work is designed to restore harmony and wellness by tapping into the innate wisdom of the body, making it an integral part of our healing journey.

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Embark on a journey of mindful Body Therapies at Yatra Centre.

Nurture your well-being: experience the transformative power of our Body-Based Practices.

Through our specialized somatic therapies, such as Thai Chi, Cold Therapy, Yoga, fitness, and massage, we guide you to reconnect with your body and its natural healing abilities. By fostering a deep sense of mindfulness and self-awareness, our skilled holistic practitioners facilitate the "bottom-up" approach that sets Yatra apart.

Yatra Fitness

Tai Chi.

Embrace balance and inner peace with flowing movements, fostering flexibility and vitality for a harmonious body-mind connection.

Ice bath for cold therapy

Cold Therapy.

Invigorate and heal with the power of cold, reducing inflammation and soothing sore muscles for enhanced physical recovery.

Yoga session


Unite mind, body, and spirit through ancient practice, finding serenity and strength while cultivating mindfulness and self-awareness.

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“It is hard to put into words the level of care and attention that Yatra provides for their clients. The staff are all incredible, the food is like nothing I've ever had before -so fresh and nutritious. This centre and treatment program are life changing and I cannot recommend Yatra enough.

Anonymous Graduated Client

FAQs about Yatra Centre's Body Work programme.

Frequently asked questions about body work therapy.

With individualized treatment and a trauma-informed pace, we ensure that you are not rushed into overwhelming situations, but instead, gently guided towards healing and growth. As we progress from body-centered techniques to cognitive and emotional processing, the "bottom-up" approach becomes the foundation of our holistic methodology.

Is Thai Chi suitable for all age groups and fitness levels?

Absolutely! Thai Chi is a gentle and adaptable practice suitable for people of all ages and fitness backgrounds. Our skilled instructors will tailor sessions to meet your individual needs.

How can Cold Therapy support individuals healing from trauma?

Cold Therapy can be beneficial for trauma by reducing physical tension, promoting a sense of calm, and easing emotional distress. The cooling effect can help soothe anxious feelings and provide comfort.

Can I practice Yoga if I'm a beginner and not flexible?

Absolutely! Our Yoga classes welcome all levels, including beginners. Yoga is about progress, not perfection. Our instructors will guide you through modifications and gentle poses to suit your current flexibility and experience.

Yoga session

Nurture your body and soul with Body Work Therapy!

Are you ready to prioritize your well-being? Click the button below to connect with us and begin your body work therapy experience. Your journey to revitalization and wellness begins now.

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Yoga session

Benefits of Body Work Therapy.

Experience the benefits of our body work therapies.

Discover the empowering benefits: elevate mental health and promote trauma recovery through Yatra's mindful Body Work. Experience profound healing and resilience within.

  • Reduced stress: mindful body work at Yatra alleviates stress, calming the mind and soothing the body, promoting overall well-being.
  • Enhanced emotional regulation: our therapies help trauma recovery by fostering emotional awareness and developing healthier coping mechanisms.
  • Improved resilience: experience increased resilience and strength as body-based practices empower you to overcome adversity with mindfulness.
  • Restored mind-body connection: Yatra's mindful approach rebuilds the connection between mind and body, promoting healing from traumatic experiences.
  • Deep relaxation: enjoy profound relaxation and inner peace through our therapies, supporting mental health and aiding trauma recovery journeys.

Thailand's only personalized programme built specifically for your needs.

Every client has a unqiue programme designed for them based on there core needs and personal goals.

We are the only Trauma 'Specifc' Centre in Thailand and we are also the only centre that designs the entire programme uniquely for every clients that comes to us.


Delivered by professionals.

Our entire team is trauma-informed, with training and experience in creating safe environments and delivering sensitive treatment. All therapists have studied trauma as a specialist field.



We combine evidence-based mindfulness practices with trauma-specific therapies such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and IFS (Internal Family Systems).


Personalised treatment.

100% of therapy is delivered in individual sessions, with no groups. All of our treatment plans are formulated based on clinical assessment with our clients and on their self-determine goal setting.

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Take the next step towards a new way of life.

Reaching out for help in the hardest moments takes courage and strength, we understand that better than anyone and will always spend the extra time speaking with you to offer help and support where we can.

The staff at Yatra had done a wonderful job. They would go above and beyond to meet my needs. I felt so much love and kindness from all the staff I interacted with, even with the maid and the cook.

Anonymous Graduated Client

Regarding accommodation and facilities, this place was secluded, peaceful and amazingly beautiful with a garden and sea view. I felt really peaceful and calm during my stay.

Anonymous Graduated Client

What's truly unique about this center is its comprehensive approach to treatment. It is indeed rare to find a place that focuses on treating the underlying issues, which in many cases are traumatic experiences. They delve deep to address the root cause, thus ensuring an effective and long-lasting recovery.

Vesa Ruuskanen

Frequently Asked Questions.


We have answered some of the commonly asked questions about the experience here at Yatra.

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How long are your programmes?

We don’t have a set programme length, as each person's journey with Yatra is unique. However, we do always suggest a minimum of 28 days where possible.

Do you accept insurance?

We do accept insurance, though we have typically found that many insurance providers do not pay to Thailand. Please check with your insurance provider that they are willing to make payments to an organisation based in Thailand.

Is there a waitlist?

We have designed Yatra Centre to have a much higher ratio of staff to clients at any given time. We have a maximum of eight clients in the programme at any one time. Please contact us to discuss our current occupancy status.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. We have a fair refund policy. Please contact us for a copy of the policy.

How many clients are in the programme at any one time?

Yatra Centre has a maximum of only eight clients at any one time, allowing us to focus on each person's specific programme with the time and energy they need.

The Complete Guide to EMDR

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What’s Included:

  • Basics of EMDR and how to get started
  • How EMDR helps process traumatic memories
  • Practical tips for practicing EMDR
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